Extreme Landings Pro APK – The Best Flight Simulator for Your Phone

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Extreme Landings Pro is an excellent Flight simulator game that you would need to fulfill your dreams of piloting the airplanes. If you are looking for Extreme Landings Pro download, we must say you have hit the right spot. The game is developed by Rortos games and is available in two options of free and premium variants.

Extereme Landings Pro – A perfect Flight Simulator

Well, Extreme Landings Pro is your best choice if you want to test your piloting skills in the virtual world. Rortos Games for Android have created this excellent piece of a game so that you can get your adrenaline pumping.

Extreme Landings Pro

You can have over 200 challenges in the Pro version and show off your flight maneuver skills. The game comes with 36 missions that you can compete with your opponents. There are over 5000 different situations wherein you are expected to save the lives of your passengers in this awesome Extreme Landings flight simulator game.

The game comes with several real-life critical conditions that you need to overcome with the game. If you want to download Extreme Landings APK, you can check out the Google Play Store or the several sites that offer free download links for the APK.

The Features that make it the best Flight Simulator app for Android

Extreme Landings has an easy gameplay that can be quite easy to learn. However, it may not be so easy to master it though. In fact, completing all the missions can be a tough task to clear.

Rortos Extreme Landings offers you 36 different missions wherein you can play 216 challenges. The game has a high-end performance in 20 amazing and world-class airports in HD quality. The game comes with a 3D virtual cockpit that has integrated instrumentation to give you a real-life feeling.

Extreme Landing game online also offers you full control over the rudders, flaps, reversers, and spoilers. This will help you to a genuine experience of maneuvering the airplane like you will do in the real-life scenario.

Frankly speaking, these are just a few features that have been able to make a mention of. We have just compiled the features that we could recollect while preparing this write-up on the plane simulator unblocked game. There are several other features that, we are sure that you will come across.

You can download the Extreme Landings Pro game either from Google Play Store or by means of an APK file download option. You should be able to get the APK file for the game from several sites. Choose the site that is reliable.

The Following app details should be helpful enough –

App Name – Extreme Landings Pro.
Developer – Rortos
Game Version – 3.4.1
Compatible Android Version – Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above
Game Category – Simulation
File Size – 9.96 MB

Extreme Landings Pro PC Download

Want to download Extreme Landings PC version? We would help you achieve it. Before proceeding
Extreme Landings free PC for your gaming pleasure, we would wish to let you know that there is no official version available for PC as yet. However, you can download the Android version of the game on your PC.

Before you can use the Android version of the game, you will need to install a good Android Emulator on your PC. A worthy mention would be Bluestacks Android Emulator for Windows. Once you have installed the appropriate Android Emulator, you can install the APK file for Extreme Landings through the Emulator.

We would recommend playing Extreme Landings Pro on your PC, though playing it on a smartphone is not substandard either. However, playing it on PC will let you enjoy the game and the interface on a larger screen giving you a completely enhanced experience.

Extreme Landings APK Pro – The Perfect Flight Simulator for All Your Needs

If you are a die-hard fan of airplane challenges and airplane simulator games – Extreme Landings Pro should fulfill all your requirements with ease. Even with the virtual nature of the game, you would indeed fall in love with the realistic graphics and maneuvers that provide you an enchanting experience.

Having said that, we would also like to add that it is not exactly an easy game to play. The controls are quite easy to learn. So is the interface. But, the gameplay is not that easy to master. Play over 5000 different situations. Needless to say that the situations are completely related to the real-life one and that makes it an entirely excellent game for all of you who love high adrenaline rush in any of the games they would be playing.

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